Planning a Safari to Queen Elizabeth National Park

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Planning a safari to Queen Elizabeth national park.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is the second largest and it is also among one of the most visited national parks in Uganda. The park is a home to over 95 mammal species and over 600 bird species. The Katwe explosion craters mark the park’s highest point at 1,350m above sea level, while the lowest point is at 910m, at Lake Edward. Queen Elizabeth National Park is understandably Uganda’s most popular tourist destination. Queen Elizabeth national park is located in the districts of Kasese, Rukungiri, Kamwenge, and Rubirizi. The park has got a number of animal species such as the famous tree climbing lions, buffaloes, elephants, leopards, waterbucks, bush bucks, Uganda Kobs, gigantic forest hogs, topi, warthogs, and over 600 bird species. Queen Elizabeth National park area is an intriguing site to visit, and this blog will help you plan a successful safari to the area.

Safari activities in queen Elizabeth national park.

Some of the activities to participate in while in queen Elizabeth include;

Game drives.

Game drive in queen Elizabeth national park is one of the popular safari activities where visitors may explore the area in a comfortable pop up safari van with a trained driver guide. Game drives in Queen Elizabeth National Park can be done early in the morning when animals are more active, or late in the evening and at night when nocturnal animals can be seen. During the game drives, you will see elephants, Uganda kobs, waterbucks, buffaloes, topi, bush bucks, lions, leopards, and hyenas, among other creatures.

Boat cruise.

A boat cruise at Queen Elizabeth National Park is done on Kazinga channel, a water passage that connects Lake Edward with Lake George. During the boat cruise on Kazinga channel, you will be able to see large concentrations of hippos and Nile crocodiles in the water, buffaloes, elephants, and antelopes along the shores, and water birds such as cormorants, bee-eaters, fish eagles, and hornbills, among others. During the boat ride on Kazinga channel, you will also be able to see fisherman preparing their fishing gear for night fishing.

Bird watching.

Queen Elizabeth National Park has got over 600 bird species and these include; the migratory birds, savannah birds, forest birds, and water birds, making it one of Uganda’s greatest birding locations. Bird watching in Queen Elizabeth National Park can be done either early in the morning or late in the evening by following various birding trails in Maramagambo woodland, Kasenyi area, Kazinga channel, Katwe area, ishasha sector, lake kikorongo area, mweya peninsula, and Katunguru bridge area, among others. During this activity, you will be able to see several bird species including the African jacana, pink- backed pelican, swamp flycatcher, grey- grey- capped warbler, African open- billed stork, papyrus canary, long tailed cormorant, martial eagle, African fish eagle, pied king fisher, white-winged tern, African skimmer, African mourning dove, white mourning dove, white-winged warbler, slender tailed night jar and so many others.

Chimpanzee trekking.

Chimpanzee trekking is also another activity done in Queen Elizabeth National Park in Kyambura gorge, popularly known as the Valley of the Apes. This activity begins Chimpanzee trekking begins very early in the morning with a briefing at the park headquarters on the rules and regulations of trekking the chimpanzees. You will then proceed into the jungle and start the trekking. Once you come across these primates, you will be given an ample time to stay with these primates, have fun, and take photos. From there, you will get back to the lodge and be given a certificate to show that you trekked.

Nature walks.

A nature walk in Queen Elizabeth National Park is a fascinating activity in which you will be able to explore the park on foot with the assistance of an experienced park guide and an armed park ranger. Explore the park on foot, accompanied by an experienced park guide and an armed park ranger to keep you safe. During the guided nature walk, you will be able to get up close and personal with various wildlife species, listen to bird species’ pleasant songs, see colorful butterflies, enjoy the cool wind, and snap stunning photographs, among other things.

Best time to visit Queen Elizabeth national park.

This is an interesting place that can be visited all year round, but the best time to visit is during the dry season, which is in the months of June, July, August, September, December, January, and February because there is less rainfall in the park during this period, so access roads, nature walks, and chimp trekking trails are dry and passable. Because the foliage is low during the dry season, you may readily see several wildlife species.

Where to stay in Queen Elizabeth national park.

Mweya safari lodge.

Visitors can have a wonderful experience at Mweya Safari Lodge. The majestic Rwenzori Mountains, often known as the “Mountains of the Moon,” surround the Mweya Safari Lodge, which is situated on a peninsula in the center of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Kyambura gorge lodge.

This famous Kyambura Gorge Lodge was once a coffee shop, but it has been transformed into an absolutely stunning space with completely redesigned public spaces and gardens. The resort has expansive views of the rolling savanna, the far-off moon mountains, and the submerged Kyambura Gorge from its location on the outskirts of Queen Elizabeth National Park.
The guest bandas focus on reinterpreted native antiques in an afro-chic style. Each banda provides a distinctive view of the gorge or the grasslands. There are four new deluxe bandas and four new regular bandas. In 2019, a brand-new spa and pool opened.

Simba safari lodge.

Simba Safari Camp, known for its outstanding service, is perched atop a hill overlooking Lake Kikorongo on the outskirts of Queen Elizabeth National Park (QE), the most visited park in Uganda. From here, guests can enjoy panoramic views of the park’s expansive savannah plains, which are teeming with wildlife, Lakes George, and the renowned Kazinga Channel. It is the most popular location for wildlife viewing drives because it is the nearest lodging to QE’s Kasenyi grasslands on the side of Lake George, the renowned breeding grounds for the Uganda Kobs.
Additionally, it is most accessible to the other northern Queen Elizabeth National Park regions, including the Mweya Peninsula and the Kazinga Channel, which are popular for launch cruises, up-close animal viewing, and bird watching. In Kyambura Gorge, there is also the option to go chimpanzee tracking with a guide.
A total of 70 beds, including family cottages, twin rooms, and dormitories, are available at Simba Safari Camp. The restaurant has a bar and seating area nearby and serves a variety of foods and beverages. Additionally, for environmental reasons, we encourage our visitors to plant a tree that will grow strong and bear their name forever.

Enganzi game lodge.

Enganzi Game Lodge is merely a moderately priced lodging facility located in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Our distinctiveness stems from the expansive and mouthwatering view of Queen Elizabeth National Park as seen from our cottages scattered over the rift valley. When you first enter our property, the view from each of our cottages and the restaurant will leave you wanting more.

After a long day of hunting for animals and game, a safari can only be deemed ideal if you have a peaceful location to unwind and relax, and Enganzi Game Game Lodge provides just that. In addition to our outstanding views, we provide a swimming pool and a variety of room types, including double, single, twin, and triple rooms to meet the needs of all of our visitors.

How to get to Queen Elizabeth national park.

The park is located in western part of Uganda and may be reached by road travel from Kampala via Masaka or Mubende Fort entrance to the park headquarters, which takes approximately 6 to 7 hours.

Queen Elizabeth National Park can also be reached by air, by scheduled or charter flights from Entebbe International Airport to Kasese or Mweya airstrips, and then by road to the park headquarters.

Incase of more information about a safari to queen Elizabeth national park, contact Adventure in the Wild Safaris.

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