Accommodation & Hotels In Queen Elizabeth National Park

Hotels In Queen Elizabeth National Park

Where To Stay In QENP

The park offers opulent lodging that will benefit every guest. It also accommodates vacationers on a tight budget.

Excellent services are offered by Mweya Safari Lodge, Jacana Lodge, and Ishasha Wilderness Camp, which also offers luxurious lodging.
Budget lodging options include Ishasha Bandas and Mweya hotels, both of which have above-average quality and will make your trip unforgettable. The park also contains camping areas such as Maramagambo, Ishasha, and Mweya. As an alternative, one can try Hippo Hill Camp, which is close to Katwe, or Kingfisher Camp, which is located on the stunning Kichwamba escarpment. Additionally, a luxury resort built by Kyambura Uganda safari animals will fulfill your needs.
There is an upscale lodge, a campground, and a cheap hostel at Mweya. In the Maramagambo Forest, a Crater Lake is surrounded by yet another upscale lodge. There is a low-key camp in the Ishasha Sector


Katara Lodge

Western Uganda’s Katara Lodge is situated on escarpment farmland with a view of the northeastern section of Queen Elizabeth National Park. A cozy, uncomplicated safari resort with eight cabins and views of the expansive park’s savannah grasslands. The Lodge is privately owned and run.
The comfortable eating selections at Katara Lodge are often of a high standard. Traditionally, meals are served at various tables. If you let your trip manager know when making the reservation that you have particular dietary needs, such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, kosher, and other variations, there shouldn’t be an issue.

Katara takes pride in providing a luxurious safari experience while causing the least amount of environmental damage possible. The building materials for the lodge were sourced locally from sustainable resources. The toilets employ ultra-low-water flushing methods, and the water system is powered by rainwater collection and solar water heaters. Similar to this, all outlets and lighting are solar-powered and use low-energy CF or LED bulbs. To avoid using dangerous chemicals, the pool uses saltwater.
The rooms have power outlets, which are three rectangular pins in the British standard configuration. Although adaptors are frequently accessible, it is always a good idea to bring your own. If you decide to do this, we advise purchasing them in advance rather than trying to do it while traveling because you can encounter unexpected shopping difficulties.
In the building’s public areas, WiFi is accessible. Mobile signals are present, but connection speeds are probably sluggish and may be sporadic.
However, the camp is unfenced, not designed primarily for kids, and could be dangerous for rowdy kids. Constant adult monitoring is necessary. There are no particular facilities for youngsters, who are required to behave with due care for other guests, despite the fact that the personnel and guides will naturally endeavor to modify the experience to suit all guests.
Visitors can fly from Entebbe to Katara Lodge, which is situated in the northeastern region of Queen Elizabeth National Park, in one hour, and then drive there in 2.5 hours from Kasese Airport. Visitors to Kihihi Air trips can choose between a 15-minute flight or a 5-hour drive through the park to get to Bwindi.

Mweya safari lodge.

Visitors can have a wonderful experience at Mweya Safari Lodge. The mystical Rwenzori Mountains, often known as the “Mountains of the Moon,” surround Mweya Safari Lodge, which is situated on a peninsula in the center of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The Great Rift Valley hills, which guard the region where humanity originated, are located to the east. The Kazinga Channel meanders between them and the Mountains of the Moon. Here, Lake George and Lake Edward are formed by an unceasing flow of water.

Simba safari lodge.

A low-cost lodging option for a Uganda safari, Simba Safari Camp is located on the edge of Queen Elizabeth National Park. You can discover a selection of cozy and reasonably priced guest rooms, dorm accommodations, and an established campsite here.
The camp, which is perched on a hill, provides breathtaking views of Lake George, Lake Kikoronko, and the savannah plains that extend all the way to the horizon. Since it is the nearest lodging option for wildlife drives in the Kasenyi plains, it frequently offers views of elephants and buffalo.
Simba Safari Camp is the ideal starting point for your safari, whether you want to go on a game drive through Queen Elizabeth National Park, take a boat safari down the Kazinga Channel, or seek chimpanzees in Kyambura Gorge

Buffalo safari lodge.

The Buffalo Safari Lodge is situated in Western Uganda, 1 km off the Kasese-Mbarara road, at Queen Elizabeth Park, Katunguru Bridge, close to the enchanted Kazinga waterway. The lodge currently offers 17 rooms overall, including both basic and premium cottages. Large parties of 20 or more people will find this to be great. The facility boasts a tranquil setting with amazing flora and fauna, including elephants, buffaloes, hippos, warthogs, and a variety of birds, all of which may be seen in a single glance. Buffalo Lodge boasts a top-notch, knowledgeable staff, a restaurant, and a bar that are both well equipped, as well as a lounge with a breathtaking view of the surrounding Queen Elizabeth Park and Lakes Edward and George.

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